When PowerPoint presentations are a must to communicate, iMarc will help you create consistent presentations within your corporate brand, while saving you significant time and money.

Navigating Your Challenges

Every known business model is suffering the growing pains of navigating the challenging, rapid seismic shifts toward internet based maketing. Developing a regional, nationwide, or even worldwide marketing program takes an experienced guide who knows the waters. This is where iMarc comes in.

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Who Are We?

iMarc is a company with a vast depth of experience across a diversity of B2B and B2C industries. This includes a full-spectrum of energy markets, both upstream and down. We are a collection of experienced business people and talented software developers. We offer a wide range of Microsoft technologies which we believe offer the best combination of business tools on the market today.

iMarc has invested years developing and fine-tuning a variety of proprietary software applications designed to help companies transition to internet-based marketing. The crown jewel of our applications is IPM™ (iPoint Presentation Manager). IPM is a data mining and presentation tool designed specifically for PowerPoint presentations worldwide.


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