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With the unique graphic interface the presenter can then quickly and easily combine slides from numerous presentations into an entirely new presentation. Should it become necessary, the presenter can quickly change the template design at the click of a mouse so all slides have the same template. Once completed, they can download the new presentation for presenting, or place it in the library for others to use. There are no limitations as to the types of media that can be stored in the library – PowerPoint, Flash, video, MS Office docs, CAD animation, etc. Plus the presenter can also make presentations live while in iPoint, or export a PDF.

The presenter can even provide a link to a second party so they can view the presentation on line. iPoint will then send the presenter a notification letting them know when their presentation was viewed. ‘Master’ presentation slides in the system can only be changed by people with the proper authority – administrators. This insures the administrator that they maintain control. And whenever a change is made to a master presentation by an administrator, any virtual presentation in the library that uses slides from that master presentation are automatically updated as well. This ensures the presenter their presentation is always up to date.

Time is Money

Time that is now being lost researching & building presentations , can quickly become Time used far more effectively.

500 of your professionals using PowerPoint with IPM , can save you over $1,000,000+ annually.

IPM is a data mining and presentation tool designed to help presenters work more efficiently and effectively with PowerPoint.

IPM is the only presentation asset management system that includes a quick and easy graphic interface to give presenters a better way to use existing PowerPoint assets , and keep them up-to-date.

This provides you with four key benefits :

  1. Greatly reduces the amount of time required to prepare presentations
  2. Keeps presentations current
  3. Build more persuasive presentations
  4. Helps promote your brand consistently in all your company presentations

IPM allows you to easily find the slides your need through a simple key word search that provides a listing of all presentations available on any given  topic within the network and across the enterprise. You can see the author, the date a presentation was made, who it was made to and many other very useful facts.

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