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PowerPoint Study

Surviving tough times in the business world requires companies to do more with less. Administrative staff members need more time to perform at expected levels identified by management. Sales teams must be more efficient, so they can spend more time in front of their clients and prospective clients offering them benefits that result in higher productivity and lower costs. A new solution called iPoint Presentation Manager (IPM) provides a way to produce more effective presentations without breaking the bank or consuming the employee’s valuable time.

To identify and evaluate the problem, iMarc engaged the services of the Choice Research Company to survey the Oil & Gas Industry to find hidden costs that reduce sales effectiveness and efficiency. Choice research sent by email 3,000 surveys to employees of the Oil and Gas industry companies including operators, supply and service companies, oil tools manufacturers and independent producers, upstream and downstream. Amazingly, 2,257 took the time to answer the questionnaire and return it electronically. A significant percentage (68%) of those surveyed identified a common issue that affected almost all these companies: developing and preparing effective presentations with reduced staffs in administration, marketing and sales.



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